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Building disability confidence
from the inside out

Why Purplespace

PurpleSpace – welcome to the world's only professional development hub for disability network leaders

We are disability confident employees, networks, allies and champions driving business change on disability from the inside out.

Come and join our purple community and fresh conversations about disability and work.



Connect to the world's largest pool of disabled employee network leaders and creative employers, access our exclusive resources and training and enjoy our unique approach to tackling those serious issues with a sense of fun and purple spirit.

Multiple memberships for organisations

For organisations who want to sign-up multiple users to benefit from thought leadership, know-how and those vital connections - cost £2,950 per annum with a £295 joining fee

More about Multiple Memberships

Individual memberships for organisations

For employers who want to connect one network leader or D&I chair or for those networks just starting out and getting into their stride - cost £375 per annum with an £80 joining fee per membership

More about Individual Membership

Virtual Membership

For those not based in London or the UK who would like to benefit from virtual networking and online resources - cost £200 per annum with a £40 joining fee per membership

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"Across all aspects of diversity at Barclays, I'm always looking for partners that bring unique and innovative opportunities. The way that PurpleSpace helps colleagues and the community to focus on the similarity across difference is something that's really special."

Mark McLane,
Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Barclays

“Working with PurpleSpace has really helped our DAWN Network leaders raise the profile of disability within PwC. From more informed conversations about disability to collaborations with other network leaders, PurpleSpace has been critical to raising our disability confidence.”

Amanda Rowland,
Partner and Disability Champion, PwC

"The atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation that PurpleSpace creates among so many different individuals and the leadership development that it offers for individuals of all sorts of different backgrounds is great. I really want to see PurpleSpace thrive."

Philip Rutnam
Permanent Secretary at the Home Office and Civil Service Disability Champion

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