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The art and science of facilitating business change through the power of workplace networks and resource groups


Usually set up by the organisation itself to improve business performance and embed disability confidence within the company culture. They are sometimes called Steering, Advisory or Working Groups. They are message givers as well as expert advisors and agenda-setters. The group is usually comprised by people from all functions from Marketing and Facilities’ to Product Development and HR.

Peer group or alumni networks

Generally created by disabled people themselves to offer support and guidance on managing an impairment or health condition while thriving at work. The secret to success is building individual disability confidence and personal resilience. Peer group networks often include professional development and training components in their activities and they are expert advisors on workplace adjustment processes.

Consultation forums

Primarily set up to act as a consultation group or a forum for the organisation to test out the development of policies, practices and procedures. Led by business in collaboration with disabled employees, they may have a formal role to play in consultations, such as in the development of the Disability Equality Schemes required by the public sector or as part of a product development lifecycle.

Fusion networks

Bear with us here…we’ve come up new way to describe what we think is the most common type of network. Fusion networks combine elements of the other three types of network group and at different times and in different organisations each network function will take the lead in driving cultural change. None of the network groups are “more right” than another – they are simply different and offer alternative ways to drive activities and outcomes.

Whichever type of network you identify with most we’re here to help you navigate the art and science of Networkology and to build individual disability confidence at work.

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