Accessibility Statement

The purpose of this page is to describe the measures we have taken to ensure that this website is fully accessible to as many of our visitors as possible. If you encounter any problems or identify an issue, please use the contact form to alert us, or call on 07905 483 092.

Our Commitment

PurpleSpace strives to meet accessibility standards throughout the organisation’s media and communications, and across its web presence on the website and on social media.

  • The website has been developed around the standards and we are always working to improve this.
  • We undertake regular reviews, and act on the findings.
  • We use professional tools for testing, but also rely on feedback from our members and users. If you discover an issue or have a recommendation, please do get in touch with us.
  • On social media we take care to take the limited steps available to us, such as image tagging.
  • We monitor industry recommendations and aim to follow best practice at all times.

Standards applied

We follow the advice and standards to be found at The Web Accessibility Initiative. Whist we are not a public sector organisation, there are good resources to draw on at The UK Government website.

Known issues and limitations

We are aware that they are some issues in some places and we have plans in place to resolve them by end of the first quarter 2021.

These include

  • Tagging of some images
  • Better image descriptions in some tags
  • Some contrast issues between text and background
  • Tab order of some elements for navigating with keyboard

Latest version of the Member Zone to be reviewed by end 2020

The Website

We are always working to make our website as accessible and usable as possible. For example, that means you should be able to:

  • Navigate the website using a keyboard
  • Navigate using speech recognition software
  • Navigate the website using a screen reader
  • Use all popular web browsers and screen readers
  • Zoom in without the text wandering off the screen
We know that not all parts of the website and its resources are fully accessible, and we are striving to improve that.

Some elements are out of our control, for example a PDF resource uploaded by one of our members may have been created using an old setup
We use some Javascript and we are aware that this may not work well for some people and screen reader software. We are looking in to improving that or changing the method used where possible and will review by end 2020.
All of the website has been built for Mobile First and will respond to the device and browser used. Zooming in on the text is handled by this responsiveness.

We undertake to

  • Conduct quarterly reviews and report to the team for action
  • Assign resources and leadership to the issues raised
  • Respond quickly to issues reported
  • Test regularly using testing software