Consulting for cultural change

PurpleSpace is the world's only community of cross-industry and cross-sector disabled employee networks / resource groups: a modern can-do eco-system of change agents.

We offer a range of consultancy services from strategic advice to tailor-made workshops and training aimed at making it easier for disabled employee network / resource group leaders to influence and improve business performance by building disability confidence from the inside out. Our vast experience and track record means that we are uniquely placed to help organisations navigate the life-cycle of disability confidence by using the primary vehicle for change – your own people.

We can:

  • Help you to start the conversation about disability and inclusion with your own people
  • Help you test the appetite to set up a disability network / resource group and get one off the ground
  • Attract, recruit, up-skill and coach your volunteer committee / team
  • Refresh and renew an existing network / resource group that is floundering or has lost its direction and leadership
  • Conduct a network / resource group “workout” to get creative, help you raise your game and improve delivery and output
  • Help you to build an alumni group of employees prepared to share their stories in a purpose-filled way that will to drive cultural change

Our 'off the shelf' and tailor-made options suit most budgets and we are able to build custom made offers upon request. The help we can offer will typically fall into one of the three life-cycle phases:

Starting Out

Where we support you to determine what your organisation's priorities are when it comes to the lived experience of your own people and / or help you to take the first steps in setting up a disability employee network / resource group.

Stepping Up

Where you have a good understanding of your organisation's key disability priorities and you need some extra support to mine the opportunities available in building a high-performing disability network / resource group.


Where you have been ahead of the game for some time and need to refresh your agenda to ensure it fits with the modern-day expectations of disabled talent.

What next?

Get in touch with us at Even if you are not sure about what you want, just reach out and tell us what is on your mind and what your challenges are. We will have something to help.