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Stepping Up

All networks / resource groups go through good times and bad. It is just the 'voluntary' nature of their delivery which means that from time to time they go through highs and lows. In fact, we have never come across a network / resource group that hasn't needed a bit of a 'pick me up' at some stage.

Sometimes that means you might have to start again and re-launch with new objectives and a fresh committee. Other times you might simply want to make a few tweaks to the structure or ask for more senior support through the appointment of a network / resource group executive sponsor or champion.

Deciding what is best can often come from having a team 'Workout” or conducting a deep-dive impact review to develop a next-stage action plan.

Whatever it might be, PurpleSpace has the experience and know-how to help a network / resource group step up to a new direction.

  • Network / Resource Group Workout - using our tried and tested format we will help the team to take a fresh look at what they have achieved to date and create new objectives. That might be a campaign to help your disabled employees to bring their authentic selves to work. Or it might be your own branded, bespoke Purple Confidence project to create learning materials for newly diagnosed disabled employees. Or it might be the creation of a purple allies programme to help colleagues engage with the disability agenda and build their know-how.

  • Impact Review Service - our '360 degree impact review service' is where we help you to review the outcomes of your network / resource group. Through a mixture of surveys and interviews involving multiple stakeholders, we will conduct an appraisal offering recommendations for fresh governance, structure and objectives. We can also help you to run a recruitment process for new volunteers.

  • Coaching Service - most network / resource group leaders get everything they need by being members and engaging on our Member Zone and / or tapping into our Power Hour sessions but sometimes a quick-fire boost from a targeted coaching programme works best. We partner with Diverse Advice to run a six-week coaching programme for new network leaders.

  • Researching the views of your own disabled employees – we partner with Bean Research which specialises in impact assessments, tailored research (quantitative), focus groups and interviews (qualitative). Together we make a powerful team to help you with employee surveys, stakeholder surveys and senior leader surveys. Bean's founder, Charlotte Turner, has 20 years' experience and is known for her work with Business in the Community and Ipsos MORI. She was strategic advisor to the ground-breaking 'Secrets & Big News' which led to the creation of PurpleSpace.

Get in touch with us by email at: Even if you are not sure about what you want, just reach out and tell us what is on your mind and what your challenges are. We will have something to help.