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Colleagues at Equal Approach Bursary meeting

The Equal Approach/Civil Service Bursary Scheme supports disability network / resource group leaders who work in government departments and agencies. The scheme is funded by Equal Approach, co-ordinated by PurpleSpace and endorsed by Sir Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary at the Home Office and Civil Service Disability Champion. In 2016 nine successful Bursary holders were selected for the inaugural programme, with evaluation showing excellent feedback from participants.

A new scheme is about to be launched. Please download the information below to apply.

Deadline for applications is Monday 12th November 2018.

Interviews will be held on 22nd and 23rd November 2018, central London.

Successful bursary holders will be informed the following week and announced at the PurpleSpace annual reception at PwC, Embankment, London on 3rd December 2018 as part of the #PurpleLightUp celebrations.

The bursary will begin in January 2019 and close in December 2020.

The bursary focuses on delivering leadership know-how and encouraging innovation and cross-networking with the private sector.

What do those involved with the previous programme say about the scheme?

Janet Hill, Disability Inclusion Programme Director, Civil Service
"This partnership, between Equal Approach, PurpleSpace and theCivil Service presents a further exciting and unique opportunity for ourtalented current and aspiring network leaders to develop and strengthen theircapability. This scheme will help us to drive the sustainable change we allwant to see. Network leaders are important change makers within the CivilService and we want to empower their voices and support them to harness thediversity of thinking that will help our organisation to progress."

Sir Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary for the Home Office and Civil Service Disability Champion
"The Equal Approach / Civil Service Bursary Scheme is a great programme that will help the Civil Service to stay one of the UK's leaders in disability inclusion. Actions speak louder than words and empowering these disability network leaders will connect people from our richly diverse workforce to create positive and lasting differences."

Dawn Hurst, CEO, Equal Approach
"Equal Approach's mission is to promote diverse talent in the workplace, and our sponsorship of the bursary scheme is an example of that in action. To create a truly inclusive culture, employers need to do things differently - and not just talk about making change, but actually take action. One way employers can achieve this, is to create strong networks, such as this one, among people who are empowered to make a real lasting difference for disabled staff."

Walter Scott, Co-founder & Co-chair Defence Stammering Network for military and civilian personnel and Equal Approach Bursary Holder
"I firmly believe that leadership initiatives like this one can help disability networks to shift any corporate blockers to raising awareness and delivering change. As a network co-chair, the offer of mentoring, networking and development seems a great way of identifying enhancements to how we support the disability-related needs of our colleagues and our employers - both in Defence and across the wider Civil Service."

Anyone who would like more about the Equal Approach Bursary Scheme should contact PurpleSpace by emailing info@purplespace.org

Download the Equal Approach / Civil Service Bursary Scheme Application Form

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