Networks / ERGs have risen to the extraordinary challenges, this year, mobilising to support colleagues. Now, more than ever before, business, public sector and NGO leaders need to turn to their own in-house experts - disabled colleagues who have the lived experience to help navigate what will be a complex new future for us all.

PurpleSpace is determined that disabled employees will be front and centre in business leaders planning for the next phase. By joining PurpleSpace we strengthen our shared ambition to build disability confidence from the inside out; the only real way to drive culture change.

We want to ensure you have the right relationship with PurpleSpace so you can maximise use of the huge learning and digital development opportunities available – monthly learning & development modules, webinars, podcasts, briefing papers, publications, group coaching and, of course, #PurpleLightUp.

A new range of all-inclusive membership packages are now available to make it easy and cost-effective for you to join the PurpleSpacecommunity.

  • Public Sector Organisation
    Any number of employees, £1950 per year +VAT
    (including NHS Trusts, Government Departments, Police Forces, Local Authorities)
  • NGO/Charity
    Any number of employees, £1950 per year +VAT
  • Micro Business
    0 to 499 employees, £600 per year +VAT
  • Small Corporate
    500 to 9,999 employees, £2,500 per year +VAT
  • Medium Corporate
    10,000 to 49,999 employees, £3,800 per year +VAT
  • Large Corporate
    50,000 employees and above, £4,500 per year +VAT

Our Joining Fee for the above products is £600 + VAT


Our membership benefits are designed for employees who are involved directly or indirectly with the work of the network / ERG, as well as allies , D&I, HR colleagues and senior champions.

If you would like to know more about what we do, and how we do it, then please register your interest in the contact form, or contact us at

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