Associate membership - £75pa (£10 joining fee)

PurpleSpace Associate Memberships

How do you know if this is right for you?

  • You have successfully navigated your career (whether you have had a disability, or not) and understand what it takes to build resilience and inner confidence when life throws you a curved ball
  • You are what we might call a "purple champion or ally" and want to contribute to a new fresh, modern approach to sustaining the economic contribution of people who acquire a disability at work
  • You are the parent of child with a disability and want to support the fastest growing community of network leaders because one day, they will want a job and you want to know which employers are leading the way

The benefits:

  • Access to our annual Ambassador webinar to share our progress and achievements
  • Bi-annual newsletter
  • Getting a buzz from being part of developing and sustaining a unique community of purple change agents

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If you require any further information about the benefits of joining PurpleSpace, please email us at and Kate or Jo will contact you to discuss the most suitable membership package for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.