Positively Purple

#PositivelyPurple is a global movement that celebrates and draws attention to the contribution of employees with disabilities around the world.

More importantly #PositivelyPurple has been connecting disability employee resource groups (ERGs) and networks around the world – building disability confidence from the inside out and driving a movement for change.

PurpleSpace have been leading this movement since 2017: our mark of respect to the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) held annually on 3rd December.

Our strategic plan 2022 – 2025 identifies the drivers that will accelerate the global growth of the disability ERG / Network movement and build the confidence of every employee with a disability.

Turbo-charging the colleague community and showcasing the business return on investment in disability ERG / Networks, via a key ‘connection’ date, is one of the 4 key pillars of the current strategy.

#PositivelyPurple enables employers to:

  • Showcase the contribution of employees with disabilities to economies across the world.

  • Demonstrate the return on their investment into well-resourced, well-led ERGs / Networks by sharing their own strategic plans for the year ahead or celebrating their successes over the past year.

  • Thanks allies and champions from every continent to share how they will contribute to the build of a better working world.

#PositivelyPurple was formally known as #PurpleLightUp.