#PurpleLightUp 2022: Global Leader to Leader Conversations

What do you call the people who head up disability Employee Resource Groups/Networks?

We call them leaders.

In 2021 we introduced the concept of ‘Leader to Leader’ conversations as part of #PurpleLightUp. We invited organisations around the world to publish conversations between disability Employee Resource Group/Network Leaders and their CEOs/C-suite leaders on the 3rd of December. 

‘Leader to Leader’ provided organisations from across the public, private and NGO sectors with the perfect platform to celebrate the economic contribution of employees with disabilities and shine a light on the work of those who are making the most extraordinary contribution to cultural change: the disability ERG/Network leaders.

We witnessed conversations from across the globe, as over 50 different organisations (including Unilever, Microsoft, Accenture etc. etc)  participated in ‘Leader to Leader’ conversations. This resulted in over 70 videos which had over 186 thousand combined views.

Building Inner Confidence

As employees with disabilities, it’s often our own lack of personal disability confidence combined with having to manage disability ‘alone’ at work that frequently hampers our careers and risks damaging our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Lack of inner confidence can cause us to feel hesitant in requesting the adjustments/accommodations that would enhance our productivity; reluctant to share their personal information or stories at work; and unable to bring their authentic selves to work. 

This is why in 2022 as a part of #PurpleLightUp we will be inviting disability Employee Resource Group/Network Leaders to have a ‘Leader To Leader’ conversation with their CEO/C-suite leaders to discuss the role of inner confidence in supporting personal and professional development. 

We encourage these leaders to discuss

  • Their personal reflections and lessons learned in relation to building inner confidence.

  • How does your disability ERG/Network help employees to build their inner confidence?

  • How can organisations support employees with disability to bring their authentic selves to work and thrive?

please see the 2022 Leader to Leader brief here

Here are a selection of Leader to Leader conversations from 2021, click on the company Logo to be view the video

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