Meet our partners

meet our partners

Our Partners

We are funded entirely on membership fees and sponsorship from our partners, like-minded organisations who want to join our story.

Our Partners support the "third phase of change" for disabled employees and help us to create core 'change products' that help individuals and their employers to build disability confidence from the inside out. Each relationship is bespoke, and we tailor the support from our partners in ways that meet our joint strategic objectives.

Equal Approach

equal approach

“Equal Approach’s mission is to promote diverse talent in the workplace, and our sponsorship of the PurpleSpace Bursary Scheme is an example of that in action. To create a truly inclusive culture, employers need to do things differently – and not just talk about making change, but actually take action. One way employers can achieve this, is to create strong networks, such as this one, among people who are empowered to make a real lasting difference for disabled staff.”
Dawn Hurst, CEO, Equal Approach



“We at Microlink have a simple mission; to remove the barriers put in the path of disabled people and make it possible for employers to harness the vast talent that disabled employees bring to an organisation. We are delighted to be partnering with PurpleSpace and using our joint knowledge of the workplace adjustment process to help disabled employees to build their confidence in asking for the timely and appropriate interventions that will help them to thrive at work and we are proud sponsors of the #ourdisabilityconfidence toolkit.”
Dr Nasser Siabi OBE, CEO, Microlink

If you consider your organisation a game-changer in the retention and development of disabled employees and you would like to support our mission then please email Kate at