February 2020

A Certain Type Of Leadership

February - A Certain Type Of Leadership

Our French colleagues use the expression "Je ne sais quoi" to describe a pleasing quality that cannot be exactly named or described - an indefinable and elusive attribute.

At PurpleSpace we have seen as many different types of leaders as there are networks / resource groups across the globe. And the best ones have that 'je ne sais quoi' ... that certain style that doesn't fail to create cultural change and real buy in from different parts of an organisation. It's the investment in network leadership which, in our view, is having such a positive impact on the quality of output from disabled employee networks / resource groups.

This month we will look at some of the great disabled employee network / resource group leaders across the world. We will take a look at what makes them tick, their core values and ways of operating and what they do to get the best from others.

We will:

  • Remind ourselves of the "leadership framework / competency" wheel for network / resource group leaders
  • Share hints and tips from network / resource group leaders from across the world
  • Offer fresh ideas about how you can push open doors that seem locked and bolted
  • Offer you the opportunity to engage with PurpleSpace Ambassadors and fellow members

What can you look forward to this month?

PurpleSpace Founding Ambassador, Andy Garrett, GSK will kick off the month for us with a welcome in the Member Zone - as he ponders on the the big question, 'What is that certain leadership style that drives change?'

On 25th February 2020 we will host the first of our new networking sessions - a small evening reception called: 'The Long Game' - guest speakers will share the highs and lows of leading change on disability and you will have the chance to debate the topic and network with fellow members leading disability networks / resource groups (and we are exploring the possibility of live-streaming this so wherever you are, you can enjoy the content live!).

We also launch a new briefing 'Leading Change Across the World' with our top five global case studies of individuals creating change through their leadership.

As usual we will offer you a review of an external resource which might help you in your work, introduce you to one of your fellow members through the 'Spotlight On ...' series by Jim Pollard.

And to round the month up, we invite you to drop into our Member Zone Chat (MZChat) between 16:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT on Monday 24th February 2020 - get yourself a cup of tea and join in the conversation led by PurpleSpace Founding Ambassador, Andy Garrett, GSK, to share learning and offer your top tips to other members.

His invitation is for us to discuss the question: 'What one skill do I need to invest in this year?'

The four questions for discussion are:

  • What are the key skills required to lead networks / resource groups?
  • What one thing might you try this year that takes you down new paths of discovery?
  • As you look at the leadership styles of others, what can you learn from them that you could usefully apply?
  • How do you celebrate and support the work of your 'volunteers'?

And don't forget if you are new to the world of PurpleSpace and Networkology, come and join our Purple Pointer Webinar on 11th February 2020 where Jo Hussey, Membership Engagement and Events Manager and PurpleSpace Ambassador, Tulsi Patel, Nationwide, will describe all the membership offerings you can tap into.

All dates listed may be subject to change. The most up-to-date details will be available in August 2019.

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