November 2019

What's in a Number?

November - What's in a Number?

Over the last 20 years, there's been a growing appreciation that diversity in the workplace is a societal and business imperative. Today, it's rare to find an employer who doesn't want to understand the makeup of its workforce and then take steps to ensure that it is representative of the society in which it operates. In some sectors there is regulatory 'encouragement' on knowing the percentages and having targets, and the government recently released its framework paper on disability employment reporting which is highly likely to become mandatory in the future, bringing it into line with gender and ethnicity..

But how possible is it to get accurate data when it comes to disability?

We will:

  • Support you to support your organisation to not make assumptions about how easy it is to secure accurate data
  • Offer you ideas about where your organisation can ask about disability and ill health
  • Help you to help your organisation to frame what you ask, and why
  • Help you improve data collection by starting in a different place

What can you look forward to this month?

PurpleSpace Ambassador Andy Kneen, Shell, will kick off the month for us with a welcome in the Member Zone - and pose the big question, "How possible is it to get accurate data when it comes to disability?"

During the month you will have the opportunity to listen to a new podcast where we will hear how members have improved their data collection by using the principles contained in the publication Secrets & Big News. PurpleSpace members can download a copy of Secrets & Big News for free in the Member Zone.

To support the learning from the Podcast we will also host a Webinar so you can ask further questions from the team.

We also launch the third edition of our resource 'Collecting Disability Data' as well as 'The Short Guide to Disability Sharing and Information Collection for Network / Resource Group Leaders' and more real-life case studies.

And as usual we will have our monthly Spotlight On member interview by our writer Jim Pollard.

To round the month up we invite you to drop into the Member Zone between 16:00 - 17:00 on Monday 25th November 2019 for our MZChat - get yourself a cup of tea and join in the discussion led by PurpleSpace Ambassador Andy Kneen, Shell, and share learning and offer your top tips to other members.

The four questions for discussion are:

  1. Why is it hard to collect accurate data when it comes to disability?
  2. How do you help your organisation to look "beyond the number"?
  3. Should you measure the numbers of adjustments delivered, the growth in the network, engagement levels instead or as well?
  4. What roles do anonymous surveys and exit interviews have?

Diary alert

And finally, if you need a bit of one-to-one support on the topic book yourself a Power Hour session with Consultant Sally Ward on 20th November 2019.