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why join PurpleSpace

Why Join PurpleSpace?

We believe that the most effective way of improving your organisation's performance on disability is to learn directly from your own disabled employees.

We help organisations across all industries and sectors to create Disability Employee Networks and / or Resource Groups. We then help each network to build exceptional engagement strategies so that they can stimulate better conversations about all aspects of disability and business with their internal allies, champions and executive sponsors.

We are uniquely placed to do this because of our 10 years of experience in how employers can build conversations between and across internal employee networks – and because we build the leadership capacity of the network and resource group leaders working as internal 'change agents'.

We also crucially help network leaders to develop the skills to support disabled employees to navigate difficult life experiences, helping them to manage the soft bigotry of low expectation and helping them to source and access the workplace adjustments they need. Many network or resource group leaders are managing a disability themselves.

An organisation's performance on disability can have a profound effect on customer and colleague engagement. Get it wrong and it increases your risk of breaking the law and has huge reputational risk. Get it right and you will be better equipped to source and retain disabled talent, as well as how you provide goods and services.

As a member of PurpleSpace we will help your organisation to build disability confidence from the inside out.

Come and join us