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Starting Out

Learning directly from your own people comes by understanding the challenges that come from having a disability or experiencing ill health at work.

And setting up a network or resource group from scratch takes more than picking a great name, setting the launch date and keeping your fingers crossed folk will rock up.

Starting Out is much more about examining your 'higher purpose' when it comes to recruiting disabled employees and serving them as customers. It is also important to create excitement about the culture you want to embed over time – it is only by doing that can you turn your head to the practical steps that need to be made.

Starting Out means being able to 'reach' people with different disability life experiences. And that can often only come by understanding their challenges from your policies, practices, procedures or workplace culture. It comes too from developing more sophisticated ways to understand the inner barriers your people may have.

That is where we can help. We have years of experience in how to 'engage' with people who may not feel comfortable in sharing their personal experiences with others.

We have a range of 'start-up' services to help any business, of whatever size or shape, to create the bedrock for a disability network / resource group to get started, develop and thrive.

  • Researching the views of your own disabled employees – we partner with Bean Research which specialises in impact assessments, tailored research (quantitative), focus groups and interviews (qualitative). Together we make a powerful team to help you with employee surveys, stakeholder surveys and senior leader surveys. Bean's founder, Charlotte Turner, has 20 years' experience and is known for her work with Business in the Community and Ipsos MORI. She was strategic advisor to the ground-breaking 'Secrets & Big News' which led to the creation of PurpleSpace.

  • Lived Experience Focus Groups - we are known to get to the heart of the lived experience of disabled employees. We will design and / or help you run focus groups so that you can unearth the hotspots for disabled employees and create meaningful strategic objectives. Our consultants have years of experience working with employees who find it hard to share their experiences of disability, so we are well placed to support your organisation to get this right.

  • Networkology Foundation Workshop – we can design and deliver a bespoke workshop to help you create a network / resource group from scratch in-house. We can support your organisation to create the right structure in the UK or globally, help you to build the communication plan, support in how to market it well and take you through to launch. We can even help you headhunt internal volunteers and build the right team.

Get in touch with us by email at: Even if you are not sure about what you want, just reach out and tell us what is on your mind and what your challenges are. We will have something to help.