PurpleSpace Leadership Themes 2020

Creating a tipping point

Throughout the course of a year we deliver our unique 'know-how' across 12 key leadership themes. In effect, the membership fees from 600+ members across 100+ organisations joint fund a unique hub of inspiration, motivation, learning and development materials, working groups, publications, podcasts, webinars, webcasts, live grouping sessions, articles and blogs.

We are all about building disability confidence from the inside out and we believe that starts with individuals, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) / Network leaders, allies and champions. Individual and organisational confidence is the outcome of cultural change. Everything is designed to help you ensure that disability inclusion is at the heart of your organisation.

The more use you can make of your membership packages by giving many of your people access to PurpleSpace know-how, the better. It increases your chances of driving culture change.

Our mission is to build the world's only network of disabled employee resource groups / networks. High performing Networks / Resource Groups improve business performance in driving culture change. Growth of membership since 2015, together with investment from #PurpleLightUp Strategic Partners, meant that in early 2020 we significantly increased our capacity and infrastructure to ensure we are on course to deliver membership benefits by digital means. Given COVID-19 we are accelerating future plans to enhance our delivery of high-quality services by low-cost, on-line methods. We will continue to seek out new opportunities to do this in partnership with you, our members.

Take a look at our 2020 themes below.

January - The Power of Purpose

January 2020: The Power of Purpose

Everything is about purpose. Why do we do the jobs we do? Why do we choose to get involved in leading or supporting ERGs / Networks ?..

February - Building Inner Confidence

February 2020: Building Inner Confidence

80% of all people with lived experience of disability / ill health will be individuals who acquire that human experience..

March - Leading by asking

March 2020: Leading by asking

Successful leaders ask questions and seek counsel as part of their standard way of operating. From the outside, they appear to ..

April - Networkology: Part One - Connect, interact, create a plan

April 2020: Networkology: Part One - Connect, interact, create a plan

Gone are the days where Employee Resource Groups / Networks are seen as 'nice to have's'. They are increasingly seen ..

May - Being authentic in times of challenge

May 2020: Being authentic in times of challenge

Driving cultural change requires many efforts from many parts of an organisation and its important that everyone sings ..

June - The Role of Senior Champions and Allies in Improving Business Performance

June 2020: The Role of Senior Champions and Allies in Improving Business Performance

Around one in five of adults have a disability of some kind. Business leaders and champions ask themselves ..

July - Careers beyond Covid19

July 2020: Careers beyond Covid19

Sustaining career ambition while managing disability and / or ill-health can take gigantean levels of confidence, resilience and determ

August - It's all about the impact

August 2020: It's all about the impact

In August we focus on the impact that networks / resource groups and ally programmes have on organisations, on individuals, on customer

September - Communicating your higher purpose; developing your identity

September 2020: Communicating your higher purpose; developing your identity

When it comes to communicating your key message in building a better working world, you have to think clearly about what people think w

October - Networkology - Part Two

October 2020: Networkology - Part Two

In October we deliver core modules from the 'Networkology Academy'. The phrase was invented by our Founder and CEO Kate Nash OBE to des

November - Spotlight On the game-changers

November 2020: Spotlight On the game-changers

Like our members we go a little quiet in November because, like you, we are gearing up for the #PurpleLightUp activities – part of our

December - Chasing the light across the globe

December 2020: Chasing the light across the globe

When it comes to leading change and building an inclusive workplace for disabled employees, we think it takes three stakeholders.