Thriving: consultancy


Your network / resource group may be well established, you may have created a profile and reputation and you may not require a refresh – and yet you are thinking 'what next?'

Even if your network / resource group doesn't need a complete revamp or refresh, it might benefit from a thought-provoking and creative workout to help with answering the 'what next?' question. We can help you to build your next step action plan, one that will focus on identifying innovative and transformative projects as part of your ongoing disability confidence journey.

And we have several offerings to help employers to learn directly from their own disabled employees.

  • Fishbowl – these carefully designed sessions, facilitated by PurpleSpace will help your senior teams to learn directly from a small number of your own disabled employees. You will hear how it feels to work within your organisation, to identify the challenges and solutions to help you define your next steps in becoming disability confident in terms of strategy and plan

  • Purple Champions – we are currently designing a new high-level programme of executive learning for senior network / resource group champions. In mid 2019 we will launch Disability Vanguard, a new competency framework for senior sponsors to help them understand the key competencies required to lead change from the top. And we can provide one-to-one coaching too

  • PurpleSpace Global – we routinely support multi-national organisations to create the structures they need to deliver high-performing networks / resource groups

  • Purple Stories - run in-house and as open courses, these innovative, ground-breaking workshops help anyone with a disability or who has experienced ill health, accident or injury to get better at framing their story of difference in a purpose-filled way. We will offer advice and guidance, hints and tips and tea and coffee as we explore how they can bring their authentic selves to work

  • Train the Trainer – we offer Train the Trainer Workshops enabling you to help create an alumni group of story tellers.

Get in touch with us by email at: Even if you are not sure about what you want, just reach out and tell us what is on your mind and what your challenges are. We will have something to help.