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PurpleLightUp Get Involved

Join in with #PurpleLightUp to reshape the narrative around disability and demonstrate that inclusive organisations create inclusive societies. Let’s create a change together.

Why get involved

#PurpleLightUp is a way to not only show a commitment to disability inclusion and appreciation of the economic contribution of disabled employees but is a way to celebrate and connect with disabled people worldwide. #PurpleLightUp is open to all - no matter your role, the stage your network/resource group is at, or the type of organisation you work for, #PurpleLightUp has something for everyone.

How to get involved

Register to attendPurpleSpace’s Global Broadcast – a 24 hour party with a purpose - and help make 3rd December 2020 the biggest day on the disability inclusion agenda. You can also support #PurpleLightUp through social media by following PurpleSpace on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


#PurpleLightUp helps organisations to drive their workplace to be a more inclusive one, by supporting, and listening to disabled staff. By organisations partaking in #PurpleLightUp, they show that they care about improving the working environment for disabled employees - in their organisation and worldwide. We’d recommend that organisations get involved through becoming a #PurpleLightUp sponsor, encouraging their employees to attend the 24-hour Global Broadcast, developing a closer relationship with their network/resource group and by lighting up their buildings purple or changing their company logos/ Twitter handles/ Zoom or MS Team backgrounds purple

Networks/resource groups

Networks/resource groups use #PurpleLightUp to showcase the return on employer investment into well-resourced, well-led networks; by sharing their organisation’s strategic plans for the year ahead or by using it as a ‘good news’ day to celebrate their successes over the past year.. Networks/resource groups can partake through holding events, joining the #PurpleLightUp Reference Group (PurpleSpace members only) and encouraging their members to attend the 24-hour Global Broadcast.


Disabled employees, network leaders and members and allies can learn more, connect, celebrate and feel part of the global purple community. #PurpleLightUp can help individuals to feel supported, or better understand how they can support others. We recommend that individuals get involved by attending, and sharing, the 24-hour Global Broadcast, celebrating with us on the day on social media and seeing how they can support their organisation’s network/resource group where applicable - or look at creating one.

We have a Get Involved resource, which contains some areas with ideas to assist your plans to celebrate the economic contribution of disabled employees in the run up to, and on, 3rd December. This resource, which can be distributed amongst colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends or family who would like to join the global Party with a Purpose, includes zoom backgrounds, graphics, a brief outline if you'd like to create videos promoting #PurpleLightUp for social media and more!