April 2020

Building Disability Confidence From The Inside Out

April - Building Disability Confidence From The Inside Out

The phrase 'Disability Confidence' is used across the world. It was first coined seventeen years ago by Susan Scott Parker OBE, former CEO of Business Disability Forum in the UK, and it has becomes known for the way an organisation:

  • Understands how disability, and its own corporate disability performance, affects every aspect of the organisation
  • Removes barriers for groups of people with disabilities
  • Expertly make adjustments that enable individuals to contribute to organisation success
  • Does not make assumptions about what people can do on the basis of a label.

The phrase has subsequently been adopted across the globe including: Canada, Australia, Austria.

In the UK the government also uses the phrase 'Disability Confident' to describe the scheme it has created to help UK employers to lead change - and offers advice and support on attracting, recruiting and retaining disabled people. Our CEO, Kate Nash OBE sits on the Minister's Business Leaders Group.

At PurpleSpace, we believe it is vital that employers improve their organisational performance but as network / resource group leaders know from the many disabled colleagues they work with, that will only ever get us so far.

As well as confidence at a 'macro' level - cultural change strategies needs to take account of the process by which individuals feel able to build inner confidence and resilience as they navigate often very challenging life experiences. It is at the heart of what we do.

So, in April we focus on how networks / resource groups can support employees to build inner confidence.

We will:

  • Help you spot the signs that your organisation might benefit from delivering personal development support to employees
  • Explore the tools you can create to help employees build inner confidence and resilience
  • Help you understand how to use our Purple Confidence materials to trigger discussions with learning and development teams and talent teams 
  • Offer you the opportunity to engage with PurpleSpace Ambassadors and fellow members

What can you look forward to this month?

One of our PurpleSpace Ambassadors will kick off the month for us with a welcome in the Member Zone - and pose the big question, 'How do global and local organisations support people to build inner confidence?'

During the month you will have the opportunity to listen to a new Podcast 'Becoming Me' as one of our regular podcasters interviews one of our members about the way they have developed inner confidence.

We also launch edition two of our briefing paper 'Encouraging Openness' about how organisations can make it easier for people to bring their authentic selves to work. 

This month's external Resource Review will focus on how people can build inner confidence as Sally Ward reviews a relevant external resource and as usual we will have our monthly 'Spotlight On...' interview by writer Jim Pollard  - get in touch if you would like to be interviewed as part of our series.

To round the month up we invite you to drop into the Member Zone between 16:00 - 17:00 on Monday 27th April 2020 for our MZChat. Join in the conversation led by a PurpleSpace Ambassador, to share learning and offer your top tips to other members.

The four questions we will ask are:

  1. Is inner confidence a feeling, a fact or an act?
  2. What are the key ways we know we are building personal inner confidence?
  3. What are the biggest issues faced by your own people when it comes to building confidence?
  4. Does your organisation deliver targeted training to help people bring their authentic selves to work?

All dates listed may be subject to change. The most up-to-date details will be available in August 2019.

Find the space to build disability confidence from the inside out. PurpleSpace.?