#PurpleLightUp - A global movement for change

'#PurpleLightUp' is a global movement designed to draw attention to the economic empowerment of disabled people. Across business and government alike, it has become synonymous with International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) held annually on 3rd December.

#PurpleLightUp was conceived by PurpleSpace Founder Kate Nash OBE, and calls on disabled employees, staff networks/resource groups and allies to drive this social change movement within their own organisations.

Over the past two years we've shared images of business building across the world going purple as a demonstration of their commitment to employing people with disabilities,parties with a purpose as our members educate colleagues on disability inclusion and last year we were involved in the production of an amazing film created by Channel 4 to mark IDPD.

For 2019 we have come up with three ways in which you can join in the celebration and you can find out more here.

What our followers say....

"It's as if we have found our tribe. Taking part in the #PurpleLightUp completely energised the business - using the UN International Day of Persons with Disability on 3rd December each year we have a 'hook' and a pivot point to prioritise our key actions for the following year."

"The #PurpleLightUp movement, together with the #Valuable500 movement, are different sides of the same coin - change comes when disabled employees across the world link up and shout about their talents. And it comes when CEO's chose to listen,to act and to innovate. We take part in both."

"I am not an employer and I am not a part of a network. But I am an ally. I feel part of something important when I wear purple clothes and tweet about it. Change happens when you step in and act and when you say, 'this is about all of us'."

Download our #PurpleLightUp brochure here (PDF)