Go Purple! and get involved

Our members represent Disability Employee Networks / Resource Groups across the world. By working for organisations who understand the value of learning directly from disabled people, all PurpleSpace member organisations automatically have the right to display the '#PurpleLightUp' logo on their websites, email, and social media.

We love the fact the so many members and allies have embraced the celebratory aspect of #PurpleLightUp, we should share our successes and acknowledge those employers who make it easier for us to be our best selves at work.

At the same time, we encourage our members to take a 'low on resource – high on impact' approach to taking part.

If you are using some of your network/resource group budget to get involved in #PurpleLightUp make sure that it delivers an outcome that will improve the working lives of your disabled colleagues. For example, educate your colleagues and employer about the value of networks and resource groups through a storytelling campaign or launch a company-wide mental-well being initiative on or around 3rd December.

If your organisation is able to make a big bold statement and turn your head office or flagship store purple - then go for that approach too. Whatever you do, get creative and have fun and for some inspiration take a look at our merchandise page.

If you or your organisation are not yet members but would like to be included on our 2019 pledge page you can take one of the following actions:

  • One - Your employer's CEO has signed up to the #Valuable500 movement and has committed to improving business inclusion by learning directly from disabled employees and customer networks and resource groups in 2020.
  • Two - If you already have an Employee Network or Resource Group but are not yet a PurpleSpace member tell the world about your commitment to disability inclusion by creating a new webpage or social media account introducing you and share the link or social media account with us.

    Our pledge page will be open from Monday 28th October 2019.

    If you're an ally of our movement (a disabled person, parent of a disabled child, a professional working with disabled people) and like what we're about and want to support our mission to build disability confidence from the inside out then the next commitment is for you.

  • Three – Take an action based around the colour purple, to grab people's attention (give out purple badges, dress up in purple, have a purple cake sale) and give out ONE simple piece of advice to help to improve disability inclusion. For example:

    • Share why disability inclusion is important to you
    • Explain why it's ok for people with non-visible disability to use accessible toilets
    • Promote a quiet space in your office/shop/club for people who find noise or crowds difficult to deal with
    • Give your favorite tip for making social media more inclusive such as adding descriptions to photos you share

THEN share your photos and your advice on our Twitter or Instagram (coming soon) pages using #PurpleLightUp